NEW - Hornet Literacy Primer and The Word Wasp

11-Apr-2018 NEW TO DSF - Hornet Literacy Primer and The Word Wasp. 

  HORNET LITERACY PRIMER - For Teachers and Parents

The Hornet is a literacy primer. It deals with the fundamental structures and conventions which operate within our language. It was developed with students whose literacy problems were exacerbated by their inability to process regular vowel sounds.

It is a one to one teaching manual that can be used on the kitchen table or school desk.

It can be used with students from the age of five to seventy-five.

Its main function is to develop a linguistic framework for all students; allowing them to understand that our language moves from left to right and that order and structure rule our language. It is not the mystery that whole word systems make it appear.

Synthetic Phonic through Low Frequency Words

Like the Word Wasp, the Hornet encourages students to build words. Synthetic Phonics are an ideal way to teaching students the structures of our language because they limit a student's ability to guess their way to literacy. Whole word systems teach "Service English": a limited, second rate, form of English which condemns its students to bad spelling; poor reading skills and an increasing sense of alienation from educational pursuits.

A greater number of students are using the Hornet and the Word Wasp to learn English as a second language. Such students are introduced to synthetic phonics through low frequency words: thrips, squench, glum, cam, shrill, kilt, helm, grist, are typical of the words used to persuade students to build words.

The Hornet is directly concerned with building a student's vocabulary. However, it is designed to make a student ask what a word means; as opposed to asking what a word might say.

The Hornet introduced students to the structural framework of the English language.

Harry Cowling Co-author of Toe by Toe

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  THE WORD WASP - For Teachers and Parents

 The Word Wasp has been designed in order to give people with literacy problems, child or adult, including those labelled "dyslexic", the chance to read and spell alongside their literate peers. Furthermore, anyone wanting to give their child a head-start can also use this manual.

It is a "one to one" manual and if you are reading this then you are already qualified to use it. Training is not required as you are guided through the book by easy to follow, colour coded instructions.

The book was trialled extensively with both adults and children from the age of seven to fifty-four.

The Word Wasp teaches rules and structure using a colour coded system. It starts by introducing the basic sounds of English and then progresses slowly through the language, adding the various elements, from the basic sounds to the latinised suffixes: from lock to loquacious. Those students who finish this text will have their spelling and reading ages advanced dramatically.

Harry Cowling Co-author of Toe by Toe.

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